Atomic Documentation

A mini book about thinking small for your digital project documentation


'Atomic Documentation' is a short ebook aiming to discuss some of the challenges of digital project documentation in this age of responsive design.

We have all been coming out of a world where our processes and output have been focused on static, page-based layouts, and our responsive workflows haven’t quite caught up yet. This book looks at some ideas to help enhance communication, improve what we share with clients and internal teams, and to make our documentation more effective through a simple core approach - break it down, collaborate, and keep it small.

Who should read it?

Everyone! It's probably of most interest to those working on digital projects, whether you're at a web agency, a freelancer, or if you're client-side. If you have to communicate or record ideas around designing and building websites, then hopefully this book will give you some things to think about.

The basics

The book is only available through this site at the moment, via Payhip (which I use to process the payment). It costs £3.99 (plus any taxes that apply, such as EU VAT).

It comes in three digital formats - ePub, mobi, and PDF, and you get all three with your purchase. This is not a physical product.

There are 7 chapters - see table of contents below.

If you have any additional queries or problems with your order, please get in touch.

Published in 2014 by Records Sound the Same Ltd.

Table of contents

Sample content

The below is a screenshot of the start of Chapter 3, and is taken from iBooks on a Mac. Presentation will vary depending on the device you're reading on.

Sample page of Atomic Documentation

Buy the book

I'm self-publishing at present and you can only purchase the book from here - so if you'd like to grab a copy please follow the below link. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.