Case study - Yoyo Design

Technical consultancy and business strategy


Yoyo Design are an award-winning creative digital agency based in Kent in the UK.

I have been doing some consultancy with Yoyo to help advise on how they can best use technology alongside their creative processes, and around changes that could be made to their development workflow.

My work involved coming spending time in the agency, participating in day to day activities, and conducting a series of interviews with staff members across all aspects of the business to uncover the current strategy for technology and what processes are in place. I then reported back to the directors with my initial findings, and hope to continue working with Yoyo on an on-going basis to make some changes.

The consultancy covered a number of areas, including the following:

  • Getting the wider company to embrace technology alongside creativity rather than as a limiting factor.
  • Technical leadership.
  • A move to a more agile process.
  • Process and workflow, including better information at point of sale, discovery, prototyping, better estimation (moving to a point-based system), time tracking tools etc.
  • Improvements to communication and information passed between teams, including collaborative working, front-end style guides, a component-based approach, shared documentation, and a formalised responsive workflow.
  • Emphasis over the importance of on-going learning and ‘non-project’ time.
  • How the development team could be better empowered, both as individuals and as a group.
  • QA standards, testing and validation.
  • Development tools, processes, and best practices.
  • Code reviews.

Yoyo offices


Above: The Yoyo Design offices. Plenty of toys!

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