Digital strategy, service design & transformation

Moving beyond the discovery and planning of individual projects, sometimes the real way to bring about meaningful change is to look at your organisation’s broader relationship with digital and technology.

Keeping on top of the constant shifts in technology and your business and customer needs can be tricky. Perhaps you feel that certain parts of what you do aren’t efficient enough, or you’d like to work out how you could maximise opportunities, or to improve the relationship you have with customers. Change doesn’t happen unless you make it, and we’d like to help you with this.

We can help you take a look at your overall strategy and relationship with digital and customer interactions, assess your public and internal processes, and identify the gaps between where you are and where you’d like to be. Once we have a feel for your needs, we’ll then work with you to identify the technology options that may get you there, as well as looking at the people aspect - do you need new skills, training, or support?

By creating a longer-term relationship and embedding directly into your team where necessary, we can help you to create change from the inside.

What the process looks like

The activities that we recommend will be based on your individual scenario that you’re looking to change, but broadly speaking we will work with you to look at your people (roles and skills), your processes (automation, inefficiencies, insight, frustrations), and your technology (systems and data).

The agenda for this kind of work is much more bespoke and collaborative. we can help you to help spark organisational change, make decisions, aid transformation, and to train team members. The idea will be to provide you with a strategy and direction, and some objective goals to get there.

Initial call to discuss your needs

You'll have an initial phone, video call or meeting with Sally to talk about your business, the project, and why we may be a good fit. If we like each other then we'll send you over a proposal containing some information around how we can help and the costs involved.

Booking confirmed

Once you're happy with the proposal and the contract, we'll get the paperwork signed and officially book in the project.

Kick-off workshop

Almost all projects will start with a kick-off workshop (or a virtual one if the you're somewhere remote and we can't meet). These are a great chance for everyone involved to meet each other, and to do some activities to start the project off. We'll work to establish the scope of the project, to explain the process, and to set the scene for the work ahead.

Research & findings

At this point we'll start to get on with the activities agreed. Some of these will be remote, and some will be on-site with you or with users. We'll be in touch regularly, but there will also be points where we feed back properly and discuss all findings to date. Our feedback may lead to investigating particular options deeper to find the ideal solution.

Source and work alongside partners (where needed)

Once the scope and direction of the project are well understood, we'll start to do our work alongside any other experts who need to be brought in. We can help with defining what you need, and help you to recruit them.

On-going support

Projects aren't finished after the final delivery, and at this point we'll work with you to plan its ongoing evolution, as well as some on-going check in days for us to work with you through continued consultancy.

“Working on a large, complex web project was made so much easier with Sally on board. Her vast knowledge and attention to detail are second to none. Her professionalism is impeccable, and she is an exceptionally good communicator whether dealing with clients or colleagues, in technical speak or spelling things out simply for those less technically inclined.”

Richard Dron, UX Consultant at Precedent

Who can benefit from this kind of work?

People we have helped with their digital strategy, service design & transformation have included:

  • We have worked as a specialist digital expert alongside other consultancy partners, including giants like Accenture.
  • Companies who would like to make their processes more efficient, cost-effective, joined-up, and to get more benefits from them.
  • Anyone who would like to improve the relationships and interactions with their customers or end-users.
  • People who perhaps don’t know quite how their organisation could benefit from embracing digital more widely, and who need some tailored guidence.

Sally is experienced in working with everyone from developers through to senior board members (previously presenting to company executives in California on two days notice!), and can speak everyone's language. By bringing in outside experiences, we can help you to learn from what others are doing well, and to share knowledge on industry best practices. We really enjoy being able to work collaboratively with our clients and getting to know their individual needs and frustrations, whilst also maintaining the impartiality that helps to recommend effective solutions.

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