Project discovery & planning solutions

With individual projects - such as planning the redevelopment of your website, or introducing a new online booking system - you may need help with understanding needs, capturing requirements, evaluating the options available, and planning next steps.

We can help with this by undertaking discovery work aimed at helping you to make informed decisions, and working with you to plan the best way to meet the needs identified.

The discovery projects that we work on help you understand the scope and dependancies of what you want to achieve. Typically we aim to do some initial research work before we collectively define the scope and priorities for the project. There will usually be several options available to you, and we'll work with you to understand the different approaches that you may want to take, and to architect your solutions. As the project progresses, we'll complete more work alongside partners for the design and build.

What the process looks like

Initial call to discuss your needs

You'll have an initial phone, video call or meeting with Sally to talk about your business, the project, and why we may be a good fit. If we like each other then we'll send you over a proposal containing some information around how we can help and the costs involved.

Booking confirmed

Once you're happy with the proposal and the contract, we'll get the paperwork signed and officially book in the project.

Kick-off workshop

Almost all projects will start with a kick-off workshop (or a virtual one if the you're somewhere remote and we can't meet). These are a great chance for everyone involved to meet each other, and to do some activities to start the project off. We'll work to establish the scope of the project, to explain the process, and to set the scene for the work ahead.

Research & findings

At this point we'll start to get on with the activities agreed. Some of these will be remote, and some will be on-site with you or with users. We'll be in touch regularly, but there will also be points where we feed back properly and discuss all findings to date. Our feedback may lead to investigating particular options deeper to find the ideal solution.

Work alongside partners

Once the scope and direction of the project are well understood, we'll start to do our work alongside the people who will be delivering it. This may be experts that we bring in from our collective or recommend, your internal team, or third party agencies/freelancers (we can help you with recruiting these).

On-going support

As the project starts being delivered we'll stay involved with activities including sprint planning and retrospectives, additional research, and helping with prioritisation. Projects aren't finished after the final delivery, and at this point we'll work with you to plan its ongoing evolution.


Our activities in these kind of projects may include some or all of the following

  • Workshops
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Audience/persona exploration
  • Competitor research
  • Process review
  • Website/systems review
  • Usability testing
  • Analytics review
  • Social review
  • Mapping interactions
  • Content review
  • Feature lists
  • Site mapping
  • Solutions architecture
  • Data mapping
  • Systems recommendations
  • Epics & user stories
  • Roadmap creation

“During the project Sally played a crucial role in helping to define user requirements, but where she excelled was applying her knowledge and experience of website development to offer a technical viewpoint. Throughout the project Sally communicated proactively with the client, explaining her ideas and opinions in accessible and practical ways, a rare talent for someone with a technical background.”

Tom Pretty, Consultant at Coast Digital

Who can we help with this?

People we have helped with discovery, solutions architecture and planning have included:

  • Digital agencies that need a spare pair of hands - people like Ostmodern, Precedent, and Coast Digital
  • Clients who want some specialist, independent help to plan a standalone piece of work before they commit to technologies or development partners.
  • In-house teams who may not have dedicated resource or experience in this area.

The projects that we work on often have certain technical complexities - they may require integration between different systems, content management, as well as consideration around how to make processes more effective and efficient through the use of technology. They can also be about creativity - enhancing experiences in new and different ways, and creating and proving concepts. Our broad range of projects has led us to work with all kinds of technologies and systems, so let us know what you're looking to do.

Case studies

Get in touch

If this sounds like something that you'd like to hear more about, please get in touch to let us know your individual needs and to get a quote.