Nice things that our clients have said about our work

“I commissioned Sally to do a technology audit and was impressed by her right from the start. She’s an exceptionally clear communicator who was able to ask all the right questions to get to the bottom of the brief. She completed the task ahead of schedule and submitted a report I regularly refer to – four months after the work was done – and which has formed the cornerstone of my technology strategy. I highly recommend Sally and look forward to working with her in the future.”

Rebecca Evans, Founder at Write-Track

“Working with Sally is an absolute pleasure and having recently completed a website project with her I have been thoroughly impressed with her abilities, professionalism and commitment to the task at hand. During the project Sally played a crucial role in helping to define user requirements, but where she excelled was applying her knowledge and experience of website development to offer a technical viewpoint.

Throughout the project Sally communicated proactively with the client, explaining her ideas and opinions in accessible and practical ways, a rare talent for someone with a technical background. This combined with her affable nature and positive attitude, ensured the project ran smoothly and I look forward to working with Sally again in the future.”

Tom Pretty, Digital Consultant at Coast Digital

“Sally's impact on the studio was immediately apparent. She quickly assimilated the status of projects she was assigned to, built articulate and pragmatic approaches to progressing the activities she was responsible for leading. Most importantly she was able to gain the trust of the client and our internal team, and bring them together to achieve the desired results. Sally is highly personable and a delight to have as part of a project team, and more widely part of the business.

I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great technical lead that can interface effectively across a business. She's one that got away - we're still trying to tempt her to join the team permanently - which is testament enough!”

Mark Sherwin, Global Commercial Director at Precedent /
Managing Director at Accenture Digital

“Sally is the perfect combination - an amazing tech brain and a wonderful human being. She listens and truly understands your tech issues, problem solves brilliantly, documents her thinking clearly and then communicates her recommendations in a straightforward and compelling way. If Sally wanted wanted a permanent job and if we could afford to hire her 24 hours a day we would.

She's a strategic genius and a genuinely good woman - authentic, honest, open and kind. Which really counts for a lot.”

Olivia Knight, Founder at Patchwork Present

“Sally came on board to work as a Technical consultant on one of our largest projects that we ever landed and was superb from start to finish. Her eye for detail was fantastic and she always delivered what she promised to deliver. The only bad thing I can say about Sally is that her contract had come to an end and we couldnt keep her for longer. Would gladly have her back in the team.”

Derek Campbell, Head of Technical Services (Asia-Pacific) at Precedent

“Working on a large, complex web project was made so much easier with Sally on board.

Her vast knowledge and attention to detail are second to none. Her professionalism is impeccable, and she is an exceptionally good communicator whether dealing with clients or colleagues, in technical speak or spelling things out simply for those less technically inclined. She is also just a great person to work with and can handle her beer. I would work with Sally again without hesitation, and she'd be a valuable member of any team.”

Richard Dron, UX Consultant at Precedent

“I brought in Sally to fill a much needed role as technical lead to scope technical requirements, discovery of client landscape and solution architecture across a number of our biggest projects.

She faced all our challenges of new processes, untried new systems, and very murky beginnings to complex projects with utter initiative, tenacity and purpose, leading the way without needing major guidance. I could trust implicitly her knowledge, sense of direction and attention to detail whether defining new documentation standards when specifying integration points, writing up analysis of content management systems or holding stakeholder interviews. This versatility was essential for such a broad and high priority brief and I am pleased to say she delivered with integrity to the end and cared about the completeness and quality of her work. Her ability to jump in and work well with colleagues as part of a multi-disciplinary team was also critical to its success and established robust relationships that still endure.”

Marc Goblot, Executive Tech Director at Precedent