About us

Records Sounds the Same is an independent digital consultancy based in East Anglia, working across the UK and internationally.

We work with clients across different industries to help them better use digital technologies to achieve their goals, and meet the needs of customers.

We’re experts in digital strategy, and can help you to make change happen — across your website and apps, internal processes, work practices, or teams.

Whatever stage your organisation is at, you’ve probably hit something that would benefit from a fresh perspective. We’ve worked with all kinds of people across industries including travel, education, charity, and even professional motorsport (have a look at what we’ve done for more), aiding our customers with their digital transformation, setting out strategy, planning individual projects, and training people to give them skills so that progress can continue without us.

We work as a collective and can be as embedded as needed, which allows us not only do help you drive change from within, but also lets us flex our team to whatever challenges you’re facing.


Officially founded in 2014 by Sally Lait, Records Sounds the Same came about after Sally was seeing similar problems come up again and again, both from her agency background and freelance work.

Rather than simply bringing in experts to get a job done, more and more organisations were instead looking for independent advice; wanting to understand the options available to them and how to make the most of digital. Too many agencies push solutions and strategies that conveniently match their offerings, products, or skillsets. We don’t do this — we work with you to help you understand what you need, and then we find the best people to help you achieve that.

No two projects have been exactly the same, and whilst we use recognised industry techniques on our projects, the approach and team members involved will change depending on your needs. We don’t have a fixed team sat waiting around for projects that only fit their skill sets, and we don’t sell everyone the exact same activities. You’re different to everyone else, so we need to be a bit different too.

Hence the name, Records Sound the Same.

It comes from a snippet of a lyric (“And why do all the other records sound the same?”) that struck a chord because of the differences and similarities we deal with within the industry. It’s a reminder and a challenge not to be afraid to defy conventions, and to always do what’s best rather than what’s easy.

Our goals

To work with good people to do meaningful work, where the subject matter is exciting, or where we really believe in the cause.

Provide neutral, independent advice which is totally technology agnostic, and based on your own situation.

Talk about everything (even really technical things) in a human, non-scary way.

Share our experiences of different industries and best practices with you, and to take on work that lets us learn more.

To work in a very hands-on way – by showing as well as telling, teaching as well as doing, and collaborating rather than dictating.

To bring in the right selection of people and skills for the job, never pushing .

Come to you, wherever you are in the world — it’s important that we work directly with you at points, not just elsewhere the whole time.

Share our knowledge back with others through conferences, blog posts, or books.

How the team works

Sally Lait

Founder and primary consultant

Sally is an award-winning consultant with over a decade’s worth of digital industry experience. With a background spanning employment at global digital agencies (as Head of Technology) and freelance work, Sally has previously worked for clients including Electronic Arts, the NHS, Manchester United, Nokia, and Innocent Drinks. A regular speaker on the conference circuit, Sally has spoken at and keynoted events around the globe, and is also an author.

The collective & partners

Depending on the project needs, you may work with others in our collective across a range of disciplines. We're not farming work out to offshore teams; everyone has been hand-picked by Sally and you'll be in touch with them directly. This way of working allows us to flex to each individual project (from very small to large), means we can put together a crack team no matter the geography, and that we don't sell you things you don't need. Want to join the collective? Get in touch!

Other associations

For even larger change, we work alongside the appropriate organisations. The company is a member of the Open Data Institute, where Sally is an Associate and has been working to bring about long-term sector-wide change within the sports and leisure sector through the OpenActive.io programme.

We are also an approved supplier for Digital Outcomes and Specialists on the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace.

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