Digital vision and strategy workshop

For senior leaders and digital teams who want facilitation and help setting vision and strategy.

In this workshop aimed at senior leaders and digital teams, we’ll go on a journey to map out your current relationship with digital, and understand where it should go next.

It may be that you have a strategy and want to further validate it, or perhaps you’re wanting to take a step back and look at the future with a fresh pair of eyes. Either way, the goal of this session will be that you leave with a freshly defined direction for the future and a set of next steps for you to work through.


The material includes a set of activities (some of them even fun ones!) to get the participants engaging and sharing thoughts. It is very interactive, and does not include any classroom teaching - this is all about you. No special equipment is needed.

It’s best suited as a two-day session, but can be amended to run between one and three days as needed. Depending on the time available, I’ll work with you to define the schedule, and to focus on any areas that you feel need more work.

What we’ll cover

Depending on the length, we may look at some or all of the following:

  • Creating a shared vision of what “digital” means to the people in the room, and the wider business.
  • Understanding who you’re trying to help, and the problems that they have.
  • What good and bad look like.
  • Understanding what should and shouldn’t be “digital”; what’s affected by other factors.
  • Looking at what others in your industry are doing (including how this may change in the future, and what we can learn from those who aren’t in your industry).
  • Prioritising what’s important to you.
  • Setting out a mission and vision statement.
  • Bringing everything together by collecting the key points of your strategy on a canvas.

Who’s it for

This workshop is suitable both for those with a digital background and those without - it’s actually better to have both types of people in the room at once if possible. We typically recommend that there’s a selection of people from across your business involved (up to 12), however we can also run a more focused version intended purely for digital teams.

The day(s) are intended as a safe space to vocalise any thoughts, fears, or hopes for the future, and we encourage all attendees to come with that in mind.


By participating in this workshop you’ll come away with:

  • A clear understanding of the purpose of digital within your organisation.
  • A canvas which maps out the foundation of your future strategy.
  • A set of next steps for making this happen.
  • Enthusiasm and drive for the future!

Who’s leading the workshop?

Sally Lait

Sally Lait is a senior digital transformation consultant based in the UK. A former Head of Technology agency-side, her company Records Sound the Same now helps organisations like the Manor Racing F1 team, RNLI, Inghams, and Ski Total to evolve their relationship with the web and digital technologies. The merging of user-led thinking, innovation, and solid technical principles is what drives her work - helping people to understand opportunities for change, their choices, and how to make these happen. Sally speaks at events around the world, documents Japanese train stamps and manholes, is an Open Data Institute Associate, and tweets as @sallylait.

Book a workshop

If you'd like to discuss booking this workshop for your company, please get in touch using one of the methods on our contact page. It's useful if you could let us know:

  • Who you and your company are
  • Where you're based
  • How many people you would want to attend
  • If you have a timescale in mind

We'll then be able to get back to you with an indication of costs and a plan.

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