Official founded in 2014 by Sally Jenkinson, Records Sounds the Same came about after Sally was seeing similar problems come up again and again, both from her agency background and freelance work.

Rather than simply bringing in experts to get a job done, more and more organisations were instead looking for independent advice; wanting to understand the options available to them and how to make the most of digital. People were wanting more than just websites built – they were seeking to learn about upcoming technology, to understand how to use digital better across their business, and to get help with putting together sensible but innovative plans for the future. Many clients also talked about how agencies push solutions and strategies that conveniently match their offerings, products, or skillsets.

Records Sounds the Same was born out of this desire to help people, to teach, and to create better things.

We deliberately work with a range of different types of companies and different technologies, to make sure that we can keep learning and share this knowledge with you. Our projects are ones where we not only get work done for you, but we also use them as a hands-on way to teach your teams new skills.

No two projects have been exactly the same, and whilst we use recognised industry techniques on our projects, the approach and team members involved will change depending on your needs. We work with you to help you understand what you need, and then we find the best people to help you achieve that. We don’t have a fixed team sat waiting around for projects that only fit their skill sets, and we don’t sell everyone the exact same activities. You’re different to everyone else, so we need to be a bit different too.

Hence the name, Records Sound the Same.

It comes from a snippet of a lyric (“And why do all the other records sound the same?”) that struck a chord because of the differences and similarities we deal with within the industry. It’s a reminder and a challenge not to be afraid to defy conventions, and to always do what’s best rather than what’s easy.

Our goals

  • To work with good people to do meaningful work, where the subject matter is exciting, or where we really believe in the cause.
  • Provide neutral, independent advice which is totally technology agnostic, and based on your own situation.
  • Talk about everything (even really technical things) in a human, non-scary way.
  • Balance our experience of different industries and best practice by able to be embedded — to being an outside perspective, but to drive change from the inside, with you.
  • To work in a very hands-on way – by showing as well as telling, teaching as well as doing, and collaborating rather than dictating.
  • To bring in the right selection of people and skills for the job.
  • Come to you, wherever you are in the world — it’s important that we’re able to work directly with you, and not just be sat in an office the whole time (although we will sometimes, when we need to get our heads down).
  • Share our knowledge back with others through conferences, blog posts, or books.

“I commissioned Sally to do a technology audit and was impressed by her right from the start. She’s an exceptionally clear communicator who was able to ask all the right questions to get to the bottom of the brief. She completed the task ahead of schedule and submitted a report I regularly refer to – four months after the work was done – and which has formed the cornerstone of my technology strategy. I highly recommend Sally and look forward to working with her in the future.”

Rebecca Evans, Founder at Write-Track