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Before Discovery

Monday July 18, 2016

I’m a huge fan of collaborative Discovery phases being a vital first part of project processes in whatever form is most appropriate, but whilst many see this as the first step on the road ahead, very often there’s an important predecessor – feasibility sense-checking whatever will be on your radar. This year I was involved… Read more

Monthly round-up: June 2016

Tuesday July 5, 2016


Half the year gone already! I’ve started to really enjoy writing these round-up posts, not least because it makes me look back at the month just gone, and to consider different things than I may have done at the time. However, June has been a pretty straightforward month and this will be a rather shorter… Read more

Monthly round-up: May 2016

Saturday June 4, 2016

Manhattan Bridge

In what feels like no time at all since the belated last monthly update, may I present to you: May! Every week in May involved at least one flight (sorry, environment), and a lot of time away from home. Building on the time I’d spent away in the previous month, it all added up to… Read more

Monthly round-up: April 2016

Wednesday May 11, 2016


The fact that this post is being written flying thousands of feet above the UK and 10 days late probably goes some way towards conveying that it’s been a rather busy and travel-filled time recently! April began with a continuation of the Discovery work I’d been doing with Innovate UK and the Open Data Institute,… Read more

Patchwork it!

Monday April 18, 2016

Patchwork header

Back in 2014 whilst I was looking for communities to participate in, I joined a mailing list of women in technology. Conversations on the list were varied, but quite early on in my membership one message asking for advice stood out – from Olivia from Patchwork (formerly Patchwork Present). Olivia briefly introduced her company and… Read more

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