Ad-hoc consultancy

Perhaps you have a small job where you’d like to bring in an expert, or you’d like some independent advice before jumping into a larger project. Our ad-hoc consultancy can give you someone to call on to help steer you in the right direction.

Even when you’re not working on larger projects there will likely be times where you need some specific expertise, or where you’d like an outside assessment to make sure work is being done as best as it can be. We offer both remote and on-site consultancy days, either with Sally or directly with others from our trusted network, and these can be for distinct tasks or simply getting some advice around your individual situation.

What kind of consultancy is on offer?

The nature of this work is very much led by you. Let us know what you'd like help with, and we'll see if we're able to come on board. To give you an idea, previous work has included:

  • Project brief creation
  • Technical editing and documentation review
  • Individual days of specialist project input
  • Partner selection/interviewing
  • CV review
  • Recommendations and material for pitches
  • Advice, support and sense-checking

For work where a mix of skills are needed, or more specialist consultancy covering areas including UX, in-depth analytics support, copywriting, digital marketing and more, you'd work directly with one of our wider team of freelancers.

Timings & costs

Work will be quoted for on a day rate basis, which will vary depending on the person or people responsible for the work. On-site work has a minimum booking time of one day, with remote work being a half day minimum booking. We'll provide you with a written quote once we know the kind of help that you need.

“Sally came on board to work as a technical consultant on one of our largest projects that we ever landed and was superb from start to finish. Her eye for detail was fantastic and she always delivered what she promised to deliver.”

Derek Campbell, Head of Technical Services (Asia-Pacific) at Precedent

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Get in touch

If this sounds like something that you'd like to hear more about, please get in touch to let us know your individual needs and to get a quote.