Records Sound the Same
is an independent digital transformation & strategic consultancy

We work with our clients to help them use digital technologies to fix problems, achieve goals, and meet the needs of customers.

Digital transformation

Choosing and updating technology, digitising processes, changing culture, setting strategy and relationships with digital.


Expert advice and recommendations to help you - whether it's around an individual project or particular need, or providing wider guidance.

Coaching & training

All of our projects aim to leave you with new skills, but we also provide specific one-on-one training, coaching, and workshops.

Post-it notes

Records Sound the Same was formed in 2014

We originally focused on discovery and planning for websites - uncovering user and business needs, potential opportunities, and what these might mean in terms of design and technology selection.

Since then, whilst planning websites is still something that people need, we’ve found that our most successful projects have been when we’ve also looked beyond the browser, as a driver for more fundamental transformation and benefits.

Thinking beyond websites

We look beyond just websites, and instead take a holistic view of working with the web in order to help make meaningful change happen for the people we work with — whether that’s across systems and products, processes, strategy, or culture.

We’re an independent, technology agnostic, embedded partner who can understand your specific situation as well as helping to give you recommendations and skills to transform how you work.

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Some of our projects

What does this mean in practice? Here are some examples of the clients we work with, and the things that we help with.

Helping Manor Racing’s F1 team to look for the ‘digital gaps’ within their Ops process

Defining standards, and providing ongoing digital transformation consultancy to the RNLI

Recommendations around online applications and digitising enrolments for Henley College Coventry

Expert reviews for Inghams and Ski Total, setting strategy, defining process, interviewing staff

Every project is different, which is part of our values, however in general we can work with you to help you better understand problems you’ve been facing with your digital projects, make suggestions for improvements, and help you to really make these happen. In addition, we can also look at your wider organisation, and see how digital technology can do more for you.

For government projects, our services are available on Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 for the Crown Commercial Service

To find out more, have a look at the services that we offer, some of our past work, or just get in touch directly.

Our services Past work Get in touch
I had the privilege to bring Sally onto a core project within Manor Racing, where time was of the essence and people's availability was very restricted. Sally not only managed to rally up the troops and get access to all the resources she needed, she produced an astoundingly detailed overview of where our Operations team were vs. where they should be, with a step by step guide on how to get there and even working prototypes of some of the areas we should target first. Sally is incredibly engaging, friendly and deeply technical, whilst remaining approachable to the non-tech savvy people so that she gets the best out of them in order to help businesses embrace digital transformation.

Alfonso Ferrandez

CTO, Manor Racing F1 Team