12 months of digital transformation

Welcome to the working start of 2018! This time of year tends to find many of us reflecting on what we did and didn’t achieve over the last twelve months, and planning what we’d like to do over the year ahead. This new year, I’d like to set out an additional challenge: each month I’ll be sharing a blog post about a particular facet of digital transformation, and I’d like you to join me on this journey by completing twelve tasks.

Digital transformation isn’t just about swapping pens and paper for fancy web apps. Sure, that can be a part of it, but it’s much more about our evolving relationship with technology. As such, this series of posts will look at a broad set of activities, intended to suggest some continuous improvement in your relationship with digital and the web, and to challenge you to think differently about your ways of working across all kinds of different areas. This year will inevitably bring us more software and hardware capabilities than ever before, and we all need to think about how these can help or hinder what we do.

So, how will it work? Each post will be self-contained, and you’ll be able to run the activities for yourself in any order. The content is based on my experience of working directly with companies and organisations looking to make change happen, but can equally work for designers and developers within the web industry who want to think about how they work.

The post schedule will be as follows:

  • January: Choosing new technology
  • February: Audits as a strategic tool
  • March: Prioritising
  • April: Finding enhancements
  • May: Blueprinting
  • June: Understanding root causes
  • July: Spotlight on culture (values, diversity, inclusivity, and ethics)
  • August: Development skills within transformation
  • September: Making change happen
  • October: Reviewing your web creations
  • November: Setting standards
  • December: Thinking about the future

Please do share back your experiences if you follow along, as I’d love to hear what positive change these posts have managed to create. For now, happy new year, and check back soon for the first post!

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Posted by Sally Lait

Sally is the lead consultant and founder of Records Sound the Same, helping people with digital transformation. She's also a speaker, coder, gamer, author, and jasmine tea fiend.