Bring in a digital specialist for technology agnostic support and advice, built around you

Life doesn’t always work in nice, neat packages. Rather than working within the boundaries of a scoped transformation project, our consultancy support gives the option to be a bit more flexible.

Perhaps you need help scoping a project before it’s quite pinned down. Maybe you just need a little bit of advice every now and again, or want a specialist on-hand for a while. You may not even be sure what you need, and would like someone to come in and advise on direction before making any further commitments to defining your strategy. Either way, we can provide technology agnostic, ad-hoc support, where no questions are stupid and we promise to speak to you like normal humans instead of jargon-tactic nonsense.

What we can help with

Some consultancy that we’ve done previously has been to:

  • provide the RNLI with monthly support for their digital transformation team, across team structure and recruitment, website audits, performance strategy, and cutting-edge technology advice.
  • help the RNLI define their digital standards, and work these into their online ‘creative toolkit’.
  • give short-term support to the Scottish Government’s Digital Transformation Service.
  • provide specialist digital expertise to a ‘Big Six’ energy company going through a full business transformation.
  • support the CTO of an international travel company to set digital strategy, review process, and hire team members.
  • review a digital agency’s strategic and process, providing recommendations for improvements.
  • provide interim CDO/CTO services whilst core team members are on leave, or when there has been a need for support whilst a hiring process is underway.

Consultancy days are often used to advise on websites and digital projects, identifying opportunities for innovation or improvement, establishing best practice, setting strategy, documentation review or creation, technical editing, pitch support, helping with individual aspects of work that you’re undertaking, or simply getting some advice.

How it works

Typically there’ll be an initial immersion period. Our consultant will spend some time getting to know your business and speaking to you about the areas where you’re looking to make some changes. We’ll then come back with some recommendations of what to focus on, and how to approach it.

Many consultancy projects kick off with a pretty intensive couple of weeks, followed up with regular monthly check-ins, but we’ll form the schedule together. Most of our clients use our consultancy for consistent support and accountability - having an expert to call in when needed, plus drop in regularly and keep everything on track - but if you’re not after an ongoing commitment we also offer one-off sessions in the form of a one hour digital strategy consultancy session or smaller bookings of a few days. There’s no cookie cutter here - everything works around what you need.

What does this cost?

All consultancy works on a day-rate basis, plus travel/accommodation expenses and VAT.

Arrange a chat

It’s best to talk through what you’re thinking. Let us know who you are and what you have in mind through the contact page, and we can arrange a call to discuss everything in more detail.