Reviews and audits

Quick, remote reviews of websites, business digital maturity, and processes.

Rather than commit to a full programme of work, an easy first step is to opt for a one-off review. With this in mind, we offer a selection of reviews and audits to help you quickly and affordably kick-start some change.

A review can give you an initial, independent assessment of how things stand, identification of opportunities and areas of improvement, plus practical recommendations for next steps. The aim isn’t just to identify what could be better, but also why it’s important - you’ll also get some insight into industry best-practices and information that you may not have known about.

You can take the recommendations away and act on them internally, or we can use them to build a more extensive set of activities together, based on the findings and what you’d like to prioritise.

How it works

The intention is for this to be a light, quick activity rather than an in-depth Discovery phase. The review will be done remotely, but we’ll be on hand to talk everything through. There will be:

  • An initial call to discuss the scope and discuss specific needs.
  • You send over things to be reviewed (a list will be provided based on our conversation).
  • You’ll get back a review document that we talk through on a wrap-up call, plus anything else that has been created for you in the course of carrying out the review.

What reviews are available?

At present we offer three different types of standard reviews:

  • Website review
  • Investigation of websites, apps, or digital platforms
  • Areas investigated:
  • Usability / user experience (UX)
  • Information architecture / sitemap
  • Accessibility
  • Performance
  • Responsive/device approach
  • Code quality/architecture
  • Basic SEO review
  • Basic analytics implementation review
  • £1,750 +VAT
  • Digital capability review
  • A strategic and holistic view of the business’ overall relationship with digital
  • Scoring of factors within the categories:
  • Systems and technology
  • Processes
  • People, teams and culture
  • Strategy, vision, and principles
  • £1,750 +VAT
  • Process review
  • Looking for areas of improvement within a specific customer or internal process
  • Within a specific process, mapping:
  • Process steps
  • Systems/file formats/APIs involved
  • Data transfer
  • Responsibilities of individuals
  • Interaction points/methods
  • Pain points, bottlenecks, and areas of opportunity
  • £2,250 +VAT

If you’d like to do all three at the same time, then we offer a discounted package of all reviews for £5,500. However, reviews aren’t as in-depth as the discovery process that’s done as part of a full digital transformation project, so if you’re looking to review a range of areas then you may want to have a chat about different approaches instead.

Clients who have used our reviews and audits service include: Inghams, Ski Total, Prolifiko.

Arrange a review

If you'd like to discuss booking a review for your company, please get in touch using one of the methods on our contact page, letting us know who you are and what you have in mind.

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