Workshop: An introduction to digital transformation

A one-day, hands-on digital transformation training course for companies

This one-day training workshop has been designed to give organisations a practical introduction to exercises which can help kick-start digital transformation projects, and make change happen.

Change takes many forms. Perhaps you’re looking to change your ways of working to better support customers, or to build internal capabilities, tools, and skills. You may be thinking about modernising older systems and processes, setting your digital strategy, or trying to work out the structure and roles your teams need… but feel you need a little bit of a helping hand to know that you’re thinking about the right things.

This course will help you to understand what digital transformation means, how your business could benefit, and give you some skills to start making improvements.

This will be a hands-on workshop where the content will be based on real challenges and opportunities that your business is facing. A set of tried and tested activities will be used to walk you through a shortened version of a typical digital transformation project process, and you’ll leave with not only some great ideas to take forward within the business, but also new knowledge about how to make this happen.

Who is it for?

This course is perfect for companies who want to work better with digital technologies, and who need a bit of direction to focus their energy. You might be:

  • An organisation who’s looking to modernise internal processes and systems, to make them more efficient or future-proof.
  • A business who feels like they’ve fallen behind in their use of and relationship with technology, and wants help to set a future strategy.
  • A consumer-focused company who’s wanting to use technology to better support customers’ experiences.
  • A digital agency who wants staff to learn more about transformation to be able to better support clients.
  • Anyone who wants to learn new skills and ways of thinking about digital, to apply to their work environment.

Attendees don’t need any design or development experience of working with the web - just a willingness to look critically at current situations, to be able to imagine what could be better, and to have the drive to make it happen. We recommend a mix of diverse roles attend - from senior management through to those on the front lines day-to-day.

No laptops need to be brought along, and all materials will be provided.

What we’ll look at

  • An introduction to digital transformation.
    • What it means for your company, and everyone as individuals.
    • Understanding public-facing, and internal transformation.
  • A typical transformation process and activities.
    • Overview of an assortment of areas to look at, including what we’ll cover during the session.
  • Understanding perspectives.
    • Look at opportunities and challenges through different lenses.
    • Understanding prioritisation and impact.
  • Service blueprinting and other mapping techniques.
    • Mapping processes, technology, responsibilities and more.
  • Thinking about the future.
  • Capturing ideas.
  • How to make change happen.

Learning objectives

By participating in this workshop you’ll come away with:

  • An understanding of how and where your organisation could benefit from transformation.
  • The knowledge of how to run a number of activities internally (you’ll be provided references to take away) in order to understand opportunities, set out a vision, plan, and execute.

Who’s leading the workshop?

Sally Lait

Sally Lait is a senior digital transformation consultant based in the UK. A former Head of Technology agency-side, her company Records Sound the Same now helps organisations like the Manor Racing F1 team, RNLI, Inghams, and Ski Total to evolve their relationship with the web and digital technologies. The merging of user-led thinking, innovation, and solid technical principles is what drives her work - helping people to understand opportunities for change, their choices, and how to make these happen. Sally speaks at events around the world, documents Japanese train stamps and manholes, is an Open Data Institute Associate, and tweets as @sallylait.

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  • Who you and your company are
  • Where you're based
  • How many people you would want to attend
  • If you have a timescale in mind

We'll then be able to get back to you with an indication of costs and a plan.

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