Our past work

Looking back over previous things that we've done

Our flexibility means that we can adapt to all kind of projects, but here are some things that we've worked on and are particularly proud of.


We like to work with clients who are excited and open to embracing change, and who want to work closely together. Our projects are intended to help you learn new things as much as getting work done.

Our work is primarily directly with our own clients, but we also occasionally partner on projects where our specialist expertise is required (or where we know we like working with the other people running the project).

Our own clients are big and small - here’s a little selection (of people that we're allowed to mention):

Other projects we’ve been involved in have included work for Sport England, the BBC, and Innovate UK (working alongside the Open Data Institute), SSE (Working as a digital specialist alongside Accenture).

Would you like to join them? If you’d like to speak to us about a new project, or partnering on something, then please get in touch.

Sally is the perfect combination - an amazing tech brain and a wonderful human being. She listens and truly understands your tech issues, problem solves brilliantly, documents her thinking clearly and then communicates her recommendations in a straightforward and compelling way. If Sally wanted a permanent job and if we could afford to hire her 24 hours a day we would. She's a strategic genius and a genuinely good woman - authentic, honest, open and kind. Which really counts for a lot.

Olivia Knight

Founder, Patchwork